If you need to hire a passenger van in Kampala to move you around the different towns and locations in Uganda, you’ve come to the right place. At Humura Safaris Uganda, we have several passenger van cars available for hire ranging from Matatus to specialized vans for group travel.

Enjoy comfort and free travel with a passenger van that is fast, simple and affordable as possible. Whether you need to transport your team or a class of students, our passenger van rentals will get you to your destination conveniently and hassle-free!


Why Hire with us?

  1. Very affordable just like our economy cars
  2. Rent a passenger van from a reliable car rental agency
  3. Eliminate the stresses of group traveling with our van rental service

Traveling in a group on one van is economical – as it replaces the need to travel in a few separate vehicles, the likelihood of traveling companions getting lost in the way diminishes, and the camaraderie created in a joined group travel cannot be matched.

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